By being a participant and by advertising in the Entertainment Book Bali (electronical version) and / or the Entertainment Book Bali social media pages, Advertisers agree to the following terms and conditions:


  1. The Entertainment Book Bali agrees not to change its rates for Advertising during the Agreement Period.
  2. The Advertiser understands it may not cancel its agreement (i.e. listing) with Entertainment Book Bali during the Agreement Period.
  3. All advertisements / listings are for a term of 13 months, from 15th July 2018 prior to the commencing year to 15th of July of the closing year.
  4. All print advertisements / listings are for the indicated number of insertions per the original insertion order / agreement.
  5. The Entertainment Book Bali reserves the right to raise its advertising rates for any new advertisement / listing at the beginning of any renewal of an existing advertisement / listing upon notice to the Advertiser; and, the new rate shall then become the rate for the new Agreement Period.
  6. Payment is due in full immediately upon initial insertion order / agreement. Entertainment Book Bali will issue an invoice accordingly.
  7. Any payment information entered during processing through the Entertainment Book Bali website is not stored by the Entertainment Book Bali. All payments are secured by a SSL certificate as indicated on the payment page.
  8. All insertion orders / agreements are final. No refunds or credits will be issued.
  9. The advertised prices are excl. VAT, invoices will be billed in £ GBP. 
  10. Advertisement is valid for one year / you can renew your subscription up to 6 months before the new edition gets released.