Are you wondering where to find the best dinner in Canggu?

We chose the top 5 dinner spots for you in and around Canggu to explore and to get some HOT deals!

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Bali Bowls & Smoothies has launched a new dining concept called NOCHE. 

Introducing a new menu in an intimate candle-lit atmosphere, their healthy food and lifestyle concept has been  inspired by the #GIVELOVEGETLOVE spirit of Bali.

Their signature Bowls are made from discarded coconut husks – recycled and handcrafted by a local Balinese family, which as well as being environmentally – friendly, also provides the family with a sustainable source of income.

Bali Bowls & Smoothies is committed to spreading the distinct energy of Bali around the globe, with locations now open on the shores of Canggu, and in Dubai and Ibiza.

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Taman Nauli Kitchen & Lounge is an antique whitewashed Javanese Joglo, set upon a sprawling garden block that hosts a collection of beautiful eccentric dwellings from all over the Indonesian archipelago.

The main building has opened as a free-flowing dining space, dishing up a mixed Western and traditional Indonesian cuisine – to be enjoyed in a tranquil garden setting overlooking a gently flowing river and landscaped palms, statues and the families’ pot barn.

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Thai social street food for everyone. Conscious, sustainable and fresh.

Bangkok Hustle stood for a long time, located on Jalan Raya Semet able to compete with other businesses in the Badung area.

Through its best quality & quality mainstay menu, it is able to provide / provide the best and affordable services for all loyal customers.

Changing the fast food scene in Bali for the better with fun and addictive dishes for everyone. Local classics from Bangkok and beyond!

Fantastic soups, curries, salads, stir frys and don’t forget our fave Thai iced tea. Something to look forward to come sundown at Jalan Raya Semat, Canggu. Where everything hip is happening.

Get your Thai on, baby. You eat, they hustle!

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The Spice of Indonesia – Traditional Indonesian Cuisine Made with Love.

A celebration of Indonesian cuisine, combining the distinct flavors of this beautiful archipelago. Paying homage to the abundance of the earth and seas through conscious nourishment.

Inspired by the sense of family and community, they work closely together with neighborhood farmers and advocating a more locavore approach.

They prepare their menu with fair-trade and organic ingredients, without msg nor palm oil. Only natural, authentic tastes of the spices and herbs it is known for.

Serving well loved traditional dishes and stylish interiors, delicious drinks & desserts.

Discover the vibrant flavors of the world’s largest archipelago – The magic that is born in the Ulekan!

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There’s a burger, then there’s a SHMURGER.

Classic fave done mindblowingly well.

The freshest. The tastiest. The best. They serve ‘em proper.

If you love burgers, you have to have a SHMURGER BURGER.

Or two. ??

Go classic. Do doubles. Feeling tropical? Big on bacon? Add whatever.

Veggie options available.

Is it a burger?
Is it a slider?

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